Insurance Overview

As part of our affiliation with the Rugby Football League (RFL), our public liability policy provides protection for: 
 • Clubs

 • Leagues

 • Players

 • Committee members

 • Coaches and

 • Volunteers (including first aiders) 
The Public Liability policy covers any Rugby League activity conducted by the club including sports and social activities directly connected with Rugby League and products supplied by the club.

However, this does not include loss of earnings from a non-permanent disability.  We recommend all players - especially those who are self-employed or contracted workers - to get a seperate players' policy.

Player to Player cover 
Limit of indemnity is £10,000,000 in the aggregate for all claims under the policy in any one period of insurance.   

This covers the liability of one player for injury caused to another player during the course of a match or whilst training.   It also insures the liability of coaches and match officials for player injuries arising during playing/training. The cover responds to the cost of any damages arising from a claim and also the often-substantial costs of a legal defence in the courts.   
It should be noted that the “player to player” policy would exclude any deliberate acts as these are not insurable. 
Death by Natural Causes 
A death occurring during a game is more likely to be a result of natural causes than from an accident, and the experience bears this out. Across the game as a whole there have sadly been a number of deaths in recent years, including Danny Jones and Adam Cooper. This policy covers to a level of £25,000.
Personal Accident

This policy covers Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement from any occupation and as such only provides cover for catastrophic injuries.