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My name’s Souhail Ait Alla, Moroccan RL player, and coach and this is how my story started with RL.

In 2012 was studying with a friend of mine called Abdelaziz, he used to train every Tuesday with his local rugby league team. that then became my first club.

My first coach was a chap called Mostapha was a nice guy and he helped me learn rugby, he accepted all of us and shared with us everything that he knew about this sport.


We were really a great club known as RABATHOS RUGBY LEAGUE. We won our first league that year, the same year it was the Moroccan selection to play against Lebanon RL  for the MEA championship. I had a try in that final but unfortunately, we lost the game by  26-24.


After a year we had an RU blocking games and clubs till they forced GB pioneers to not play some games in a soccer field. I was there and I made friends that were to see their skills and action an amazing time to watch and play. against them, in a match, I have got the man of the match I was so proud of it even I know they are much better than me but I felt really like a hero J.


From that time RL was blocked and none could do something till a smart idea came from our Moroccan federation to start the RL over and over.


2018 RL moves finely by creating a clubs in the north, middle and south, the hard work was amazing from the heroes of our federation to have a league and be qualified to MEA Championship 2019.

I was called for Moroccan camp, I found myself with the boys and our coaches of the Moroccan national team. To fly the same year to Nigeria and play the tournament and be a vase champion.

When I back home I decided to create a club,  have my own boys and my own techniques to go forward with my boys to the top and why not, So this year we created our club by the wonderful job that Jody did for us, he offered us his brand, kits and as you see a page in the silverbacks website, RL family is all that we should be, and the silverbacks is our team, our life, and our family.

I love RL and I would love more to see it all around the world, RU or RL is just a sport, I'm wishing from all my feelings that I have got for each kind of Rugby to work hard and leave these sensitive problems that we have, especially here in Morocco.

I’m wishing from our Sports Ministers understand that there is a different Rugby rule and federation, as they accept a different karate or taekwondo federation, RU and RL is absolutely a different sport.

 I would also like to say thank you so much too all my friends that helped me, offers me jerseys , shares with me courses, teach and show me what’s RL means .


  1. Training - Every Sunday at the beach at 9.00 a.m. 

  2. Address: 1739 Rue Ighrem sect nahda laayayda Salé


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