September 20, 2016


As part of the founding of this club, the committee have been insistent on finding a long term home. It was important to get this right and the Silverbacks are proud to have found a great long-term partner with Club Langley in Beckenham starting in 2017. 

The committee feel this is a big opportunity to finally develop a club season-on-season in South East London.  Club Langley should provide us with autonomy and independence and make it such that we don't have to justify anything to anyone but ourselves. We can just be us without outside pressures.

As people have seen from previous clubs in the area, it's very difficult to achieve anything unless you know where you will be playing and training.  Our committee feels that success is attainable, as the previous club did by winning London Division 1 in 2014 with essentially one hand tied behind out backs.

The previous club saw some great club men in its few years of existence and players made some good friends. Through thick and thin, through getting beaten by big scores and beating others by similar margins, camaraderie saw us through.  That try, the exploding folder and the flying skittles.  This is an opportunity to have that again and also pass that on to a new generation.


So help us become a success and share this post, spread the word and lets start the 2017 season with a bang.


Welcolme home Silverbacks.

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